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Engage with Harlan in one of Four Key Solution Areas.

Leadership/Management Consulting

Dr. Beverly is a 3-time CEO and passionate advocate of new management practices of Transformational Leadership and Empowerment.  His PhD research showed how powerful structural empowerment can be, and his 15 years leading companies has also put it into practice.  In addition, Dr. Beverly has created several forms of Agile processes, both for development and also for business in general (including marketing management).  Agile can be more than just useful for development teams, and Dr. Beverly has put it to work in several of his companies.  Need help motivating your team, training your managers, or developing new company culture or strategy?

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Marketing/Growth Consulting

Dr. Beverly’s experience as a VP of Marketing at game companies, website companies, and tech companies can be put to good use as a consultant.  Dr. Beverly will help you assess your marketing strategy, plan, and team, and work with you to develop new markets, grow existing market share, and establish the all-powerful formula: CPA < LTV. (Cost Per Acquisition less than Lifetime Value of Customer). Want that magic formula to work for you?

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Technical Consulting

Dr. Beverly has over 20 patents in technology focusing on Networking technology, ASIC design, Peer-to-peer, and gaming technology.  Dr. Beverly has built over 100 websites, and web applications, and can help you with your technology strategy.  Dr. Beverly also can take on technical development projects on a case-by-case basis, especially focusing on AI (Artificial Intelligence), web applications, and API development.  Dr. Beverly leverages teams of skilled engineers and software developers to get larger projects done using the Agile/Scrum methodology. Need technical guidance or ultra-fast development?

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Startup Consulting

Dr. Beverly offers free startup consulting to startups that qualify.  To qualify, your startup must: 1. have raised less than $500,000 and 2. have less than 5 full-time employees.  Feel free to use the contact form below to request the free consulting.  As you grow, or as I get more involved and help you more, I may eventually ask you to switch to a more formal relationship with equity or cash. Current students of mine are excluded from this, and may not compensate me for my help/advice until they are not longer students of mine.

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