Custom made chairs, feel better on your bum.

Ever bought something “custom made”?  Measurements, colors, shapes, style, fit, finish, and polish… all to your bum’s liking?  If you had to wait 3-months for that chair, dang… you may never try it.  Imagine if you could get custom-made stuff in about the same time as a normal chair… a few days or minutes… at the same price.    WHO WOULD BUY A NORMAL CHAIR?  (especially if the price were the same?)?

No, I don’t sell chairs (Sorry).  Karmaback, though, is now offering custom made “Social Applications” with the speed of a custom chair (days not months)…. at the same price as others charge for “normal white label apps” (e.g. non-custom).  Want us to build YOUR custom Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Web, iPhone, or iPad app (or any combination there-of)?    Shoot us an email:  and we’ll reply with a Bid and an ETA within 24-hours.  (or call us for an instant bid: 1 (888) 406-5033 )

There are 2 key elements here that make this offer special (and so far REALLY successful):
1.) Time.  We make bids in 24-hours or less.  We build almost anything in just a few days (add a few more days for iPhone/iPad 🙂 ).
2.) Price.  We do this at prices other folks charge for their standard cookie-cutter solutions.

So, if you have a business, and want to figure out how to increase sales: consider:
Try CUSTOM.  It works if you can deliver in SPEEDY times and at FAIR prices.

Who wouldn’t want a comfortable butt?

Innovation at the Speed of Customers vs. Technical Debt.

Last night, a Karmaback customer asked for the impossible.  Around 6pm EST, I got a message asking how our new Social Coupons can support % rather than just $ discounts… he wanted it right then.  He said simply “how do I do this?”.  Well, one answer would be “you can’t”.  Karmaback’s answer, though was, “hold on a second…  let me build it.”  That’s speed of customer.  Less than 15 minutes later, you could.

How did we do it?  Do we have an army of programmers?  Is it such a trivial thing?  No, and No.  We do it because we have almost zero “Technical Debt.”  So adding a feature, by just 1 programmer, can take 15 minutes.  Even when that feature touches 7 different files, including templates and web-pages.

Consider, every time you “don’t comment” or you “hack it together”, you incur Technical Debt, or stuff you will have to do later… cleanup.  We all know cleanup almost never gets done, so the debt piles up.  Some companies have literally man-years worth of technical debt.  Their entire software has been “kludged” together.

Now consider when  you do it right.  You take the time to “architect, plan, comment, code, test”.  You have no technical debt, and you can Innovate at the Speed of Customers!