The amazingly good feeling of shipping.

Do you like to check boxes?  I sure do. Recently, I started using trello to organize and run scrum/agile at the Texas Venture Labs.  We all love scrum and I can tell you why: it feels good to ‘move a ticket to done’, e.g. to check the box.  Done.  Shipped.  Over.  Fini.

What else is done? My book, Lean Startings, is done!  I shipped it yesterday 3/16/2017.  To Amazon.  It’s available now for Kindle ($9.99) or Paperback ($24.99) on Amazon.  It feels oh so good.  Ahhhhh, shipping!

So, how did I do it?   How did I write a book while raising a family, working full-time, and working on my own startup?  The same way that I got my PhD while working 2 full-time jobs and raising a family: persistence and daily progress.  In fact, I broke the book down into 36 chapters, and wrote a chapter a day, skipping weekends.  I finished the book in about 3 months (a few days I was traveling and couldn’t write).  Yep, in one summer, I created something, something that could help people succeed in startups better than ever.  Along the way I got to check 36 boxes (each chapter), and just now, the final checkbox (shipped!).  Shipped is the best one to check by the way, and I’m only sad I didn’t check it sooner!

So, what are you sitting on that you could ship?  Don’t wait for perfection, ship it now.  You can always revise it later.


(My reward yesterday for shipping was: gaming, beer AND bourbon)

p.s. Got feedback on my book? I welcome it here or directly to me by email.

Getting Stuff. Loot.

Loot is the stuff you get for doing the stuff you like.  In video games, it’s usually a “just slightly better” piece of armor, or “a little bit of coin”.  Hundreds of Millions (if not Billions) of people aged 4-40 (and above) play games with loot.  My company, Karmaback, has loot too… and a new kind of game altogether.  Marketing to a new generation of thinkers.  People who “get it”.  Gamers.

Karmaback is a game in one sense only: you can EARN loot.  That’s me sporting some of the REAL WORLD loot you can get.. yah, it’s just a t-shirt… but it’s more than that.   Its a symbol of TRUTH, that you can “do stuff on karmaback” and get “real loot”.
So, learn about Karmaback, how we reward END USERS with points… points they can turn in for real loot. And learn how Karmaback’s loot can help YOUR BUSINESS grow!