New LOWER Pricing for Karmaback!

Great News for you Social Network Marketing Gurus….

You have a new tool at your disposal… Karmaback!

Karamback is now Free to try for 30-days… and is “all-inclusive!”, including fully custom apps!
It’s just $49.99/month after that!

Yep, that includes ALL our tools:

  • which lets you schedule social posts to Twitter and Facebook, and “photo upload posts” to Facebook… for ANY time you want, with fast and deep analytics!  Yep, includes your own branded app!
  • which lets you build a FULLY custom Sweepstakes to run in your Facebook or Twitter, Including your own custom app.
  • Fanpage Tab Builder, which lets you build full HTML Fanpage tabs, with just a few clicks!
  • Referral Contest Builder.
  • Track-able Links
  • Viral Coupons (Social Coupons with any twist you prefer: like-gated, claim-gated, share-gated, etc.).
  • ALL INCLUDED, free to try, 30-days, and just $49.99/month after that.

Karmaback Pricing… and new services!

A lot of our customers really liked the fact that Karmaback was “Unique” in that we only charge when we successfully grow new Fans or Followers for our partner companies’ Facebook and Twitter pages.  Well, great news! We have brought back the “purely variable” pricing again, and now have a “Cap” on fees so you know your maximum possible fee up front!  Just $0.25/New Fan we bring you with a max fee of $99/month.  Check it out:

While you are there, check out our new “Customization” and “Software Engineering Services” offerings… we’d love to build customized Website/Social Applications for you!