New LOWER Pricing for Karmaback!

Great News for you Social Network Marketing Gurus….

You have a new tool at your disposal… Karmaback!

Karamback is now Free to try for 30-days… and is “all-inclusive!”, including fully custom apps!
It’s just $49.99/month after that!

Yep, that includes ALL our tools:

  • which lets you schedule social posts to Twitter and Facebook, and “photo upload posts” to Facebook… for ANY time you want, with fast and deep analytics!  Yep, includes your own branded app!
  • which lets you build a FULLY custom Sweepstakes to run in your Facebook or Twitter, Including your own custom app.
  • Fanpage Tab Builder, which lets you build full HTML Fanpage tabs, with just a few clicks!
  • Referral Contest Builder.
  • Track-able Links
  • Viral Coupons (Social Coupons with any twist you prefer: like-gated, claim-gated, share-gated, etc.).
  • ALL INCLUDED, free to try, 30-days, and just $49.99/month after that.

Top Tips for Social Network Marketing!

My top tips for Social Network Marketing are very simple: * full details and white-paper here

  1. Acquire lots of fans.  (try a Karmaback Sweepstakes to help!)
  2. Engage fans with REGULAR and ENGAGING posts.
  3. Convert fans into customers by making them unique/special offers (only for fans).

It is nice when the marketing industry in general agrees with you!  Check out “Involver’s” top tips as well (note: matches mine very closely):

  1. Post Regularly
  2. Time your Posts.

So, how can you do 1 and 2 VERY easily?
For Facebook and Twitter try my new tool:

Marketers want to better measure Social

Ever wanted to know exactly what Social Network Marketing is doing for you?  You are not alone.
According to measuring social effectiveness is of paramount concern.

My question is what do you want to measure?

Respond to me here or by email to

Karmaback builds tools to improve Social Marketing effectivness… tell me what you want us to measure, and if we’re not doing it already, we will be!

90% of Sweepstakes entrants are interested in buying the product.

According to http://www.sweepstakestoday.com90% of Sweepstakes entrants are interested in buying the product.

That means that if you get 1000 entries to your sweepstakes, 900 of them are actually considering BUYING your product.

Those numbers are hard to deny… why aren’t you running branded sweepstakes on your Facebook, Twitter, and Web pages?  

Karmaback makes it extremely easy to setup a branded and fully hosted sweepstakes AND we now guarantee it: 

ALWAYS provide an “Easy Button” for your customers.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, who you sell to, or how much you are charging.  There should always be an “easy” button for your customers.  In fact, the most basic, core functionality of  your product should be so easy, it barely even needs a button.  How do you do that, you ask?  Well, simple.  First, find the core functionality of your product.  Knowing that can be a huge help!  Second, make sure that the user can see (and use) the core functionality of your product in 1-click (or less).  If you don’t have a software product, let them see/use your product with no clicks… right out of the box… no assembly required.

At Karmaback, we recently improved our entire setup flow to require just 2 clicks.  Yah it’s not 1 yet.. (we’re working on it!)… but its a huge improvement.  Companies can now setup a fully functional, completely operational, fully hosted Sweepstakes for Facebook or Twitter or Web or all three, in 2 clicks.  Nice. 
How did we do it?  Easy Default Settings.  Simplified setup process… and most of all, the “Save” button.  (see screenshot below)
Setting up a Viral and Social Sweepsakes to run in your Facebook Fanpage or Twitter Feed couldn’t be more easier that it is now!  Well maybe a tiny bit easier… we want to get it down to 1 Click… we’re working on that.  Maybe we’ll call the 1 button “Easy”.  

Why do Social Marketing?

Social Marketing is more than just a buzzword.  If you are not doing “basic” Social Marketing, you are missing out in a revolution of internet marketing; and failing to market where your customers live.

This video explains (statistically) why the hype about Social Marketing is important… I’ll summarize it: BECAUSE ALMOST EVERYONE IS THERE!  e.g. almost your entire market is spending more and more of their time on social networks!!!

Got it?  Here are 3 levels of Social Marketing you should be considering:

  1. Just be there!  Make a Facebook Fanpage and a Twitter account.  Link Facebook to Twitter, so when you post to Facebook, it posts to Twitter automatically.  And write 1 post per week about something new at your company.
  2. Grow your page by getting more fans, likes, and followers.  Simply run some sweepstakes (using Karmaback of course), or ads, to encourage your fans/followers to join!
  3. Reward your Fans/Followers for following you.. and encourage them to talk to you on Social networks.  You can reward them by doing give-aways (using Karmaback of course), and by offering them special discounts/offers.
Now stop procrastinating and make a Facebook Fanpage or Twitter Account.  It’s super easy!

The iPad and Kindle are the top prizes of 2010

Karmaback runs sweepstakes and contests for companies that want more fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook.  We’ve run hundreds of contests in 2010, and to our shock and awe the top prizes by a landslide were the iPad and the Kindle.  These $150-$500 prizes were about 150% more effective at “earning” fans and followers than prizes less than $150.  In fact, the iPad and Kindle, specifically, were 120% better at earning fans and followers than prizes above $500 (even prizes such as Football Tickets and $2,500 vacation packages).  If you are considering running a Sweepstakes or Contest, there are a few key things to consider when choosing a prize:

  1. Ideally pick a prize that is relevant to your business or customer.  Picking a relevant prize is the MAIN way you will attract the “right” new fans and followers.
  2. Choose a prize between $150-$500 in value.
  3. Consider an iPad or Kindle (perhaps preloaded with your marketing material or application)…
So, why were the iPad and Kindle so successful?  I believe the reason is that people: 1.) don’t already have one.  2.) do want one. and 3.) aren’t yet ready to “actually” buy one.
Now, go, Get Some!